Meet Indre Bauza

Indre Bauza, WEBA President.

As an owner and Managing Director of Supporting Strategies, I’m responsible of all aspects of the company’s management: sales, client service delivery and operations. Supporting Strategies provides team-based outsourced bookkeeping and operational support services in Alexandria and surrounding communities. Businesses of all sizes benefit from our highly trained staff, proven processes and technology.

Our offerings range from basic bookkeeping to full-service controllership, including accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable. And that’s just some of our offerings!

I joined WEBA’s Board of Directors in 2016 as a Treasurer, became a Vice President the following year and now I’m in my second year as President. I believe in WEBA’s mission to connect businesses in the West End and surrounding areas and provide quality networking opportunities.

On the personal level – I speak a few languages, love travel and food and try to find time for my yoga practice.

Indre Bauza, WEBA President.